We Want You!


Want to get in great shape, all while making some awesome new buddies? Well luckily, our next skater training camp is right around the corner, and no skating experience is necessary! Humboldt Roller Derby's Level 1 and Level 2 Training Committees are dedicated to training a wide variety of skaters at different skill levels in order to prepare them for competition. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe and competitive environment for all who participate.

Who can join?
The Humboldt Roller Derby Skater Training Camp is for anyone interested in learning the sport of roller derby, trying out for a derby league, interested in being a referee or just working on your skating and roller derby skills. We welcome all skill levels.

How is it structured?
All new skaters will start in one of our 16-week training sessions. After each 16-week session, there will be a Skills Assessment to determine readiness to move to the next level. Depending on their skill and comfort level, skaters may retake a particular session. Skaters that pass Level 2 will be cleared for scrimmage and bout readiness and will begin practicing with the team on a weekly basis.

Level 1: Basic Training
This level is for anyone new to roller skating or roller derby. No previous skating skills are required, however you must be able to make it around the track without holding on to walls or people. Level 1 will teach you the fundamentals of skating to ensure that it is safe for you to start playing roller derby. Practices will cover basic skating skills and introductory roller derby skills. Women ages 18 and up are welcome to these non-contact practices. There is an assessment at the end of the 16-week program that will determine if you are ready to move on to Level 2.

Level 2: Contact and Strategy
Level 2 is for women and men whose basic skating skills -- form, crossovers, stops, starts, and safe falls -- are already strong and who are ready to add some contact. Practices will build on the form drills in taught in Level 1, and introduce roller derby contact, gameplay, and scrimmage style drills. By the end of Basic Training 2 you should be able to give and take a hit while staying stable on your skates and have basic understanding for the game of roller derby. There is an assessment at the end of the 16-week session to determine if you are ready to advance to the team.

What are the current session dates and times?
Basic Training Level 1
Date: Stay tuned

Basic Training Level 2
Date: Stay tuned

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